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Call-To-Listen Service

This call-to-listen news service was launched by Tribal News Network (TNN) in May 2016 and since then continues to broadcast on mobile platform. This service is very simple for mobile users.
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TNN established call-to-listen service in May 2016 to cater the needs of those people who either do not have access to radio news or cannot read newspapers due to illiteracy.
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Citizen Journalism

TNN understands that participation of local communities is important because mainstream media often ignores local news because of their local nature.
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TNN has been engaged with mobile operators to subsidize the call costs of broadcasting on mobile phones under their corporate social responsibility programs so that it could increase duration
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Al Jazeera and BBC highlighted TNN work in their documentaries. The first documentary was made by Al Jazeera, focusing on women reporters who are reporting from FATA and KP.
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Tayyeb Afridi and Said Nazir Afridi founded the Tribal News Network (TNN) in 2012 to cater the information needs of the people in Pak-Afghan border regions of Pakistan.
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