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Tribal News Network (TNN) is an innovative multimedia news service providing reliable, high-quality local news and information for Pakistan’s Pushto-speaking regions of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, FATA and Baluchistan. Founded in 2013, TNN’s aim is to inform local people in their own language about everything important happening in their home communities.

TNN’s main news offering is delivered in daily news bulletins broadcast by a partner network of ten local FM radio stations across KP, as well as in Quetta, Baluchistan, and in the Afghan provinces of Kunar and Nangarhar. News reports are also published in text on the TNN website (www.radiotnn.com) in Pushto, Urdu and English.

In order to reach audiences beyond the footprint of our partner radio stations or without internet access, TNN has launched a Call-to-Listen service which allows anyone to hear a bulletin of our latest news by telephone.

The Call-to-Listen news service is accessible to all. Callers simply dial 091-526 9542 on a mobile phone or a landline to hear a one-minute bulletin in Pushto of the latest top news stories from TNN. (From outside Pakistan, add the country code and dial +92-91-526 9542.) The bulletin is updated throughout the day. The call is charged at the standard rate for a local phone call.

Launched in May, 2016, the Call-to-Listen service has proved extremely popular and now receives on average between 3000 and 6000 calls per day.

Providing reliable news and information via mobile phone is an innovative approach to overcome the obstacles of traditional news delivery in remote areas of Pakistan. There is a huge, unfulfilled demand for reliable news in FATA, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other areas of the Pakistan-Afghan border regions, but illiteracy, lack of electricity, cost and broadcast limitations mean that many people cannot access traditional news sources -- newspapers, radio, television and online. In addition, many people do not speak Urdu or English, the main languages of most Pakistani and international media.

TNN is seeking funding and other support to continue and to extend this important mobile delivery service. The service can be used to deliver not only news, but also information campaigns relating to health, education, security and other critical social issues.

News by the people, for the people

TNN provides a broad news agenda of socially relevant news and information, including the latest developments in local politics and security issues, but also governance, health, education, business, culture and sport. We make a point of also publishing news and stories relevant to women, because women are potentially half of our audience.

We have an extensive network of about 40 reporters working across KP/FATA and beyond. We invite listeners to help to set our news agenda by suggesting local stories because the mainstream media, based in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore, often ignores the local news most relevant to our Pushto-speaking audiences.

Citizens’ voices
TNN believes that local voices should be strengthened so we make a point of broadcasting the views of ordinary citizens, as well as the views of government, officials and opinion-makers. We are actively seeking partners to help us provide local communities with the news that is relevant to them on our multimedia platforms where citizens can share their stories and their concerns. (TNN fact-checks all stories before broadcast.)

TNN also produces longer information programmes for radio broadcast, focusing on topics such as political reform in FATA and the situation of temporarily displaced people (TDPs) from unstable areas of FATA.

Our aim: long-term sustainability

We aim to build a sustainable news service through sponsorship and revenue-generation so that we can extend our services to provide citizens with the best and most accessible news service, promoting social development and helping people to make the decisions that shape their lives.

TNN has established itself as one of the most popular sources of news across KP/FATA. Our work has been highlighted by Al Jazeera, the BBC and other agencies, who have broadcast television and radio programmes focusing on TNN’s journalists, including our groundbreaking women journalists reporting from FATA and KP. TNN was also selected as a runner-up for a Special Award presented by the prestigious One World Media awards in London in 2015.


  • Bilal Khan from Mohmand Agency FATA said that TNN Mobile news bulletins are well known in his village because they provide balanced and accurate news stories in just one minute. He also said that TNN provides news irrespective of political, ethnic and religious inclinations."
  • Jafar Khan from Bara, Khyber Agency said that he is a businessman and has very limited free time. "TNN mobile news service greatly suits me because in a very short time I get updated news throughout the day."
  • Muhabat Khan from Kochlak, Quetta appreciates TNN mobile news bulletins. "I feel great when I listen to TNN news bulletins in Pashto. I believe that TNN helps to unite Baluchistan with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and FATA."
  • Naeem Khan from Karachi is a Pashtun who lives in Karachi. He said, "TNN news bulletins are always updated and full of new information. I am very happy about TNN’s mobile news service because it has enabled me to listen to the Pashto news here in Karachi."
  • Waqar from Jamrud, Khyber Agency thanked TNN for broadcasting a news story on mobile news about the TDPs belonging to the Koki Khel tribe. "I belong to Koki Khel tribe and currently live in Jamrud area of Khyber Agency. I am grateful to TNN for highlighting the problems of Koki Khel TDPs time and again in several news bulletins."
  • Ms. Hina from Bara, Khyber Agency said that she loves the news reading style of TNN’s mobile news presenters. She said she appreciates the quality of the news content and likes the fact that the bulletins carry local news stories.
  • Israr Khan from Mohmand Agency praised TNN news bulletins. "I believe it is TNN that provides the latest and most important news stories about the FATA region. Mainstream media organisations only provide stories about terrorism from FATA."